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Nexus among Bio plastic, Circularity, Circular Value Chain & Circular Economy
  • Shaharia Pavel,
  • Amina Khatun,
  • Md Mominul Haque
Shaharia Pavel
Siam University, Thailand

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Amina Khatun
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Md Mominul Haque
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Bio plastic plastic is an innovative and emerging industry that brings hope as well as ambiguity from materials sourcing to end life management. Circular economy (CE) is to decouple economic growth from a carbon footprint and maximum utilization of renewable resources that keep creating pressure on emerging bio-based or bio-plastic industry to save our planet from the adverse effect of traditional plastic industry. Through the article, bio plastic circular value chain and a flow chart have been developed to understand, how circularity works in the value chain and stimulate competitiveness, and necessity of practicing circular economy concept in the bioplastic industry. The research has been conducted by mini literature review, information and knowledge gain from stakeholder’s publications, website, books, case study as well as direct and indirect involvement in bio-plastic industry. We observed bio plastic industry also needs to practice circularity in the value chain that will ensure more competitiveness and gain sustainability leadership index.
Published in SSRN Electronic Journal. 10.2139/ssrn.3509954