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Contribution of science, technology, and innovation to post-conflict in Colombia
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  • John Vásquez,
  • Martha Lenis Castro,
  • Youseline Garavito,
  • Juan Camilo Gutierrez,
  • Sandra Rodriguez Melendez
John Vásquez
Universidad de Investigación y Desarrollo - UDI

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Martha Lenis Castro
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Youseline Garavito
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Juan Camilo Gutierrez
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Sandra Rodriguez Melendez
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More than fifty years of conflict in Colombia has left a country with many needs. This article analyzes how Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) can contribute to improving communities affected by violence in a post-conflict stage. This paper begins with an introduction focused on the processes of the generation of violence and the peace agreement, following the role of the UN in the post-conflict stage. A conceptual analysis of the actors involved in Science, Technology, and Innovation activities is also presented
with one analysis of the activities of STI that can contribute to the post-conflict, continuing with some financing strategies for the activities of STI and a brief description of the legal framework STI against the post-conflict. The paper concludes with some recommendations and opportunities in this new era for the country.