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Digital Reality Experiences as a Different Psychological Feel, Some Suggestions for Future Development
  • Naveed Shibli,
  • Misbah Shafi
Naveed Shibli
Department of Psychology Riphah International University Faisalabad Pakistan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Misbah Shafi
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Digital games experiences of 60 willing participants were recorded with two questionnaires in a survey. Infirst questionnaire, participants’ with self description, described own personality characteristics like steadfastness, social aspects and intelligence. The second questionnaire was about the personal experiences feels like pleasure, fear, nervousness and sensuality during digital reality games play. Both responses were compared with participants’ willingness to play the same digital games again. Findings reflected that human preference for digital reality game (dummies) was different as compared with other animals’ behaviors towards dummies, perhaps for pleasure that could be a mix of self-harm and self-deception or something else therefore evolving the possibility to describe digital experience as a different feel that could be positive because meanings of sadomasochism are now viewed with positive tilt (Wismeijer& Van Assen 2013) implications for future digital development also discussed.