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Problem Finding and Evaluative Thinking among Gifted and Nongifted Students
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  • Ahmed Abdulla Alabbasi,
  • Amnah Hafsyan,
  • Mark Runco,
  • Aseel AlSaleh
Ahmed Abdulla Alabbasi
Arabian Gulf University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Amnah Hafsyan
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Mark Runco
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Aseel AlSaleh
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Many studies have explored the individual differences, including differences in IQ, higher order thinking skills, and divergent thinking (DT), between gifted and nongifted students. However, little is known about individual differences between gifted and nongifted students in terms of problem finding (PF) ability. Moreover, previous works on gifted students have never explored the association between PF and evaluative thinking. This study examined individual differences in the PF abilities of gifted (N = 175) and nongifted students (N = 188) and tested the relationship between PF and evaluative thinking, which include the individual ability for self-reflection and the ability to evaluate problems.
Keywords: gifted, nongifted, problem finding, divergent thinking, evaluative thinking