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Looking back upon the animal ornamentation in ceramic products under the background of the Post-COVID-19
  • xioabing hu
xioabing hu
Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute; Anqing Normal University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Animals are a more active and compelling part of the ecosystem, with intrinsic value and utilization value. In the early days of human civilization, humans used wild Animals to protect themselves from the hungry and the cold, reflecting their direct utilization value. At the same time, wild animals have indirect value in human cognition, and many wild animals are regarded as the totem of the clan. With the development of society, human beings also conceived some beast animals that did not appear in nature, and used the power supply class as a symbol of their own identity. Whether it is a wild animal in nature or a conceived beast, it is often displayed on various creations, such as rock paintings, cave paintings, ceramics, and so on. In this article, ceramic products are used as a medium to explore the patterns and cultural characteristics of ceramic products using animals as elements. Objective: To study the history, categories and cultural connotations of the use of ceramic products by showing the traces, movements and forms of the decoration of wild animals with the patterns of wild animals as elements. Methods: Using the methods of image, type analysis and interpretation to study the application and paradigm of wild animal decoration in the design of ceramic products. Results: Through the research on wild animal ornamentation and dynamics on ceramic products, the idea conveyed is that humans and animals should coexist in a harmonious coexistence and natural fusion, maintain ecological balance, and show the ecological values of human health.