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ABO Blood Type and Personality Traits: Evidence from Large-scale Surveys in Japan with AI
  • Masayuki Kanazawa
Masayuki Kanazawa
Human Science ABO Center, Human Science ABO Center

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The relationship between blood type and personality has long been one of the more challenging issues of scientific studies. Several large-scale surveys were conducted to address the issue, and some of them had shown statistically significant associations. This study analyzed data from two large-scale surveys (Survey 1: N = 1,000, Survey 2: N = 1,859) to examine the relationship between blood type and personality. ANOVA results indicated that 13 of the total 20 respondents’ own blood type characteristic question items scored higher as “fit to my personality” than the averages of the other blood types. The same differences in scores were found in the group who reported no blood type personality knowledge, although the values were smaller. AI predicted blood types of participants more than by chance. We observed a clear and significant relationship between blood type and personality in large-scale surveys.