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MOBIS-COVID19/03: Results as of 20/04/2020
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  • Joseph Molloy,
  • Christopher Tchervenkov,
  • Beaumont Schoeman,
  • Beat Hintermann,
  • Kay W. Axhausen
Joseph Molloy
IVT ETH Zurich

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Christopher Tchervenkov
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Beaumont Schoeman
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Beat Hintermann
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Kay W. Axhausen
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On March 16, 2020, 3700 participants who completed the MOBIS study between September 2019 and Janurary 2020 were invited to reinstall the GPS Logger and Travel Diary App ‘Catch-My-Day’, developed by MotionTag, to record their mobility behaviour during the period of special measures implemented to control the spread of the Corona Virus. The first 4 weeks of mobility data from the original MOBIS Study is taken for each participant as a baseline against which to compare current mobility patterns. These 4 weeks start place anywhere between 1st September and 15th November, depending on the participant. Only trips in Switzerland are currently considered, although data on cross border travel is available.