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Policies of a rare crowd, an approach to the concept of ‘resistant lifestyles’
  • Eduardo Leiva Pinto
Eduardo Leiva Pinto
Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We estimate that in contemporary capitalism, sex politics is one of the most widespread forms of biopolitical action. With it, sex is integrated into the calculations of power, making discourses on sexuality and the technologies of normalization of sexual identities an agent of control over life.
This text will encompass the transits of a very particular body, liminal, a transvestite body: the body of Lola Puñales. Lola Puñales, is a figure that allowed us to approach a body that is difficult to grasp, manage or administer by the biopolitical circulation and regulation systems and their governmentality. Through her, we will try to characterize what could be termed as ‘resistant lifestyles’, incorporating, as an articulating trope andsynthesis, the concept of a ‘rare crowd’.
2022Published in Anthropology and Ethnology Open Access Journal volume 5 issue 1. 10.23880/AEOAJ-16000169