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The Relationship between Drug-Related Incidents and Violent Incidents in Correctional Facilities
  • Anthony Carbo
Anthony Carbo
Brandman University: Chapman University System

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This researcher collected data using a deputy report writing system (DRWS). The system allows for the exact collection of data about deputy sheriff reports in the target population. Specifically, this researcher collected and analyzed data, using an Excel’s Statistical Analysis Tool, about the number of deputy reports documenting battery incidents among inmates (e.g., assault and battery), resisting incidents (e.g., delay correctional staff and resist officer), drug-related incidents (e.g., possession of drugs/ alcohol and found narcotic reports), crisis intervention incidents (e.g., attempt suicide and harm-to-others due to mental illness), and miscellaneous reports (e.g., theft and vandalism). Except for confidential reports (reports that are not open to the public) and supplemental reports (follow-up reports for original incidents), this study examined all reports generated by deputy sheriffs in the correctional setting, for the target population, over a 27-week period. The target population for the study are adult inmates inside one Southwestern jail system in the United States.