S. A. Hamed Hosseini, Ph.D. in "Sociology and Global Studies" from the Australian National University (ANU), is a Senior Lecturer and Faculty Associated Researcher at The University of Newcastle, Australia. He has conducted mixed-method (quantitative-qualitative) interdisciplinary research on Collective Cognition and Social Closed/Open-mindedness, Global Justice Movements, Post-capitalist meta-ideologies, and the Political Identity of young Muslims and Muslims' Joblessness in Australia. As an expert in advanced quantitative social research and large data analyses, he has developed and measured new Composite Indicators in sociology such as "Critical Open-mindedness" and "Social Well-living" (as an alternative to the Eurocentric notions of "well-being"). Dr. Hosseini is the founder and principal investigator of UON Alternative Futures Research Network (AFRN), Co-founder of a Community Project (NENA Newcastle/Hunter Hub), Co-founder and chief editor of Common Alternatives initiative,...



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