Norbert Francis

Professor Emeritus

The author works on problems of language and culture from different points of view: linguistic/cognitive, social and historical.


  • “Origins of Socialist Realism in Russia and China” forms part of a series of essays marking the 100th year anniversary of the Russian Revolution and the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, beginning with: Revolution in Russia and China: 100 years. International Journal of Russian Studies, 6: 130—143 (2017), and The Trotsky-Shklovsky debate: Formalism versus Marxism. International Journal of Russian Studies, 6: 15—27 (2017).
  • A shorter version of the “origins” paper appeared as Las noches rusas: El origen del realismo socialista in Revista Almiar, No. 81 (2015), reprinted in Revista Destiempos, No. 47 (2015).
  • Other installments in the series include: Review of Octavio Paz: El poeta y la Revolución, by Enrique Krauze. Mexican studies/Estudios mexicanos, V. 31 (2015). The Motherland will notice her terrible mistake: Paradox of Futurism in Jasienski, Mayakovsky and Shklovsky, in Viktor Shklovsky's Heritage in Literature, Arts, and Philosophy, edited by S. Gratchev, H. Mancing & I. Evdokimova. Rowman & Littlefield (2019), and The Democratic Revolution of the Enlightenment, Areo Magazine (2019).

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