Kirk Greenwood

Graduate Assistant in Institutional Research (Education; Arts & Humanities; Cultural Studies; Study Skills; Research Methods & Evaluation)


My graduate training is in literary criticism, social and cultural theory, and critical discourse analysis. I discontinued a PhD in early modern studies in 2014 to focus on composition pedagogy and praxis. Since 2015, I have worked as a university administrator, specializing in implementing institutional academic support and retention initiatives for historically underrepresented students. I am currently taking coursework toward a master's degree in higher education administration.


  • Dereifying the Pathogenetic Model of Gender Nonconformity in North American Psychiatry: Queer Studies, Sociopolitical Contestation of Gender Dysphoria Diagnoses (DSM-5 [2013]), the Deconstruction of Kraepelinian Nosology, and the Emergence of Transaffirmative Counterpolitics. DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.19416785.v2
  • “‘It ain’t have no sort of family life for us here’”: Community and its Discontents in Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners. DOI: 10.31124/advance.18247097.v1
  • Majoritarian Stories and Counterstories: Critical Race Theory Approaches for Countering Deficit Discourse in Higher Education. DOI: 10.35542/

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