Jerome Galea

Assistant Professor of Social Work, University of South Florida (Counseling & Psychotherapy; Gender & Sexuality Studies; Psychology; Social Work & Social Policy)

Tampa, USA

Dr. Galea’s research focuses on understanding the mediating factors that promote or inhibit the knowledge, access and uptake of existing and novel HIV and sexually transmitted infection interventions and, more recently, low-intensity mental health interventions. Most of his HIV/STI research is based in Lima, Peru and is among men who have sex with men and transgender women. Mental health research includes exploring interventions for patients with tuberculosis and depression; the implementation of community-based, non-pharmacological depression interventions; and, increasing the uptake of existing depression care services by modifying inhibitory social norms. Dr. Galea serves as an academic editor for a peer-reviewed journal and as reviewer for several others, and participates in multiple national and international health advisory and advocacy committees.

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