Felix Oyosoro

Lecturer & Researcher (Political Science & International Relations)

Abuja, Nigeria

Dr. Felix Oyosoro is a bilingual (French and English) research professional in African Military and Security Studies. He is presently a member of Faculty in the Department of History and International Relations at Veritas University, Abuja. Felix has a Bachelors Degree in Political Philosophy, a Masters Degree in International Relations and obtained his Ph.D. in Strategic Studies. He has collaborated actively with researchers in International Relations, Peace Studies and African Studies through conferences, peer reviewed journal articles and book projects. He has been involved in many collaborative research projects financed by various instances including the Edinburgh Catalyst Fund of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and has carried out both qualitative, quantitative and cross-method research for International and Local Donors, CSOs and NGOs. His research interests lie in International Security Studies, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution.

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Robert Tayimlong

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