Annick Janson

Research Director (Developmental Psychology; School/Educational Psychology)

New Zealand

I am a social science researcher interested in supporting social innovation and change by sharing stories from diverse people and organisations. I work to build capacity in the Health and Disability sector, with vulnerable groups such as disabled persons and their families, refugees, at-risk youth. I implement a ‘Knowledge Translation’ methodology that fosters the implementation of innovation through organisational systems. A Clinical Psychologist since 1985, the Waikato Management School awarded me a PhD in Leadership Narrative Storytelling in 2005. I represented New Zealand at the European Association of Service Providers to the Disability sector in 2010/11. I am an Associate at the CACR (Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research) at the Victoria University of Wellington. Governance experience: Waikato DHB Community and Public Health Advisory Committee, the Research Advisory Board Member of the ICEHOUSE at The University of Auckland Business School. the Tertiary Education Committe

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