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Why Plagiarism is Considered to be a Serious Offence in Academics?

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posted on 2021-10-22, 18:16 authored by Sneh LataSneh Lata

The paper discusses about the concept, perception, understanding and consequences of plagiarism among the future policy makers i.e., students. The paper also highlights acceptability of copying somebody’s ideas and thoughts to complete one’s own work which also indicates towards the casual approach of students. Acknowledging the fact that plagiarism is a kind of deception and is a major hurdle in the field of academic growth and development. Therefore, this must not be prevailed as it reduces the opportunity of uniqueness, in a way degrading the level of development in the thought process of people. Thereby, the paper tries to put forward the various consequences caused due to copying others’ ideas rather than putting efforts in creating some new ideas. The paper also talks about the students’ approach towards the idea of plagiarism and how educational institution tries to modify their policies in order to reduce the possibility of plagiarism.


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