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University Based Retirement Communities (UBRC) in Canada

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posted on 2022-10-05, 21:50 authored by Stephanie SadownikStephanie Sadownik

This paper considers the definition of University Based Retirement Community and noted demographics, advantages and disadvantages as reported in academic journals (Bookman, 2008; Carle, 2006; Farah & Montepare, 2022; Hou & Cao, 2021; Kim, 2017; Montepare & Farah, 2018; Montepare, Farah, Doyle & Dixon, 2019; Tsao, 2003) and then theoretically considers a Canadian perspective, considering the plausibility of a program and possible locations in Canada and accompanying universities that fit the parameters and subcategories discussed such as proximity to a university campus (Carle, 2006) and high-quality university affiliated hospitals (Bookman 2008).




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