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The monetary value of disability-adjusted-life-years lost in Kenya in 2017.pdf (1.21 MB)

The monetary value of disability-adjusted-life-years lost in Kenya in 2017.pdf

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posted on 2019-08-30, 19:37 authored by Joses KirigiaJoses Kirigia, Rose Nabi Deborah Karimi Muthuri
A variant of human capital (or net output) analytical framework was applied to monetarily value DALYs lost from 166 diseases and injuries. The monetary value of each of the 166 diseases (or injuries) was obtained through multiplication of the net 2019 GDP per capita for Kenya by the number of DALYs lost from each specific cause. Where net GDP per capita was calculated by subtracting current health expenditure from the GDP per capita.

The DALYs data for the 166 causes were from IHME (Global Burden of Disease Collaborative Network, 2018), GDP per capita data from the International Monetary Fund world economic outlook database (International Monetary Fund, 2019), and the current health expenditure per person data from the WHO Global Health Expenditure Database (World Health Organization, 2019b). A model consisting of fourteen equations was calculated with Excel Software developed by Microsoft (New York).




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