The current status, trend and development strategies of the biopharmaceutical industry with a challengingperspective of Chinese industry

2019-08-26T23:09:21Z (GMT) by Kerong Zhang Wuyi Liu
Biopharmaceutical technology is one of the most promising biotechnologies in the world. With the development of modern biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals are thriving and developing rapidly in the world as a high-tech biotechnology industry, bringing unprecedented market prospects to biopharmaceuticals in China and the world. Chinese biopharmaceutical industry is booming and growing up. The national biopharmaceutical industry of China, especially the development and industrialization with genetic engineering drugs as its core fields, has already reached a certain market scale after nearly 20 years of development. The biopharmaceutical industry will be one of the most active economic sectors in China, whereas the biotechnological revolution with modern biopharmaceutical technology has become the lifeblood of maintaining human health and food safety in the future. The article explores the current status, trend, existing problems and development strategies of the biopharmaceutical industry and industrial bases in China.