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The Worth of SWOT in Digital Sales Planning

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posted on 2021-07-12, 18:36 authored by Daniel SolomonDaniel Solomon

Digital technology is transforming innovation at its core stanchly in an unceasing manner (Schrage, 2009), (Klein, 2014) and (Tsolis, 2009). In a swiftly rolling competitive digital setting the worth of SWOT analysis for crafting a decent and complying sales strategic plan goes beyond a reasonable doubt (Cates, 2019). Maintaining the status quo might cause consequences that would bottleneck the advance of digital sales and businesses in one or multiple ways (Cory, 2019). This paper examines the worth of properly conducted SWOT analysis in sales strategic planning to increase the effectiveness and competence of online business by expanding volume of sales and augmenting customer satisfaction rates. The study analyses data collected from secondary sources such as pertinent literatures, books, academic journals, and best industry practices. The finding exhibits that SWOT analysis plays a pivotal role in crafting a successful sales strategic plan that helps taking conversant decisions to expand and advance the digital sale volumes and operations.




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