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The Transition enabling Lifelong Learning: A thematic generalization of the national education policy 2020 in India

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posted on 2021-03-29, 21:54 authored by Manasa Chandramouli, K B Vinay, G V Naveen Prakash, N S Lingegowda, Madhusudhan H S,, Srikantamurthy NingaiahSrikantamurthy Ningaiah

Changes in the education policy is normally viewed with apprehension by the teachers, as it brings a change to a higher or lower level, involving novel skills of learning and running through for the improvisation of the tasks done routinely. This paper scouts the new education policy 2020 and its empirical study in which the data is investigated about the earlier policies in depth. It is a framework, helpful for developing expertise in the specific area where the teachers have often felt anxiety.


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