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The Knowledge Café as a Case Method in Synchronous Online Classroom – "The OD Consultant at Animens" Case Study

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posted on 2023-07-26, 13:28 authored by Robert YawsonRobert Yawson, Emmanuel OsafoEmmanuel Osafo, Obi Damoah Berko, Lily yarney


The Knowledge Cafe Approach is a participatory and collaborative method for group dialogue and idea exchange. It is a valuable pedagogical tool in management education, providing a structured and engaging way for students to share and explore ideas and perspectives on complex management issues. We developed the Knowledge Café approach as an alternative to the World Café approach for synchronous online classroom use. Using a case study, we illustrate how the Knowledge Café can be used as a Case Method in a synchronous online classroom. Animens Industries Ltd is located in the port city of Takoradi in Ghana. It was established in 1972 as the first wholly Ghanaian-owned distilleries and bottling company. The Animens Case Study was developed to serve as a universal case study but specifically to students in Africa and Ghana especially. Students generally respond positively to the Knowledge Café exercise, as it provides a structured and engaging way to share ideas, collaborate with peers, and learn from one another. Students often find the activity a valuable learning experience that helps them develop critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.


Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Mini-Grant


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