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The Impact of Tribal Politics on Public Passion to Digital Trade in Current Ethiopia by Daniel Solomon Phd Student LIGS University 062020.pdf (497.01 kB)

The Impact of Tribal Politics on Public Passion to Digital Trade in Current Ethiopia

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posted on 2020-06-23, 22:33 authored by Daniel SolomonDaniel Solomon

Ethiopia, a country once denoted as the cradle of mankind with a civilization of over 3000 years (Williams, 1997), is now at the threshold of disintegration (Leta, 199). Since the prejudiced exclusionary tribal political ideology, which was authored and delivered by TPLF (Tigray Liberation Front), has come to the show in 1991 (Hagman, 2013), the country has jolted into recurrent political turmoil and instability (Abbink, 2011). Following this, the passion and agility of citizens to digital trade has been distressed, paving the way to the threat of a potential digital divide. This article examines the impact of the practice of this political ideology on public passion for digital trade, and if this impact leads to the prevalence of digital divide in the country. To this end, a comprehensive analysis is made on the data gathered thru a questionnaire from a sample size that contains 45 informants. GPower and SPSS have been used to determine the sample size population and analyze the data gathered therefrom. The finding exhibits that the xenophobic tribal political ideology has a significant impact the craving public passion to digital trade, signifying the imminent of the manifestation of digital divide.




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