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The Future of Ownership: A Disruptive Scenario

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posted on 2020-06-10, 22:53 authored by Amir-reza AsadiAmir-reza Asadi

During thousands of years, ownership was an essential aspiration for humankind, but there are signs that this is changing. This research is studying the disruptive tech-driven businesses which change our attitude toward the ownership. The Horizon Scanning is to identify the weak signals which indicate the disruption in how and what people possess. Analysis of collected articles alluded to the growth of subscription/sharing economy, virtual economy, and tokenization, being recognized as the weak signals which shape the future of ownership. According to these signals, Futures Wheel sessions were conducted to explore the consequences of signals in real life. The final scenario developed in the form of a short story, and it coalesces the hypergrowth of the mentioned signals.


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