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The Effect of Home-based Physical Activity on Mood State during the COVID-19 Epidemic: The Mediating Role of Boredom

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posted on 2020-06-11, 22:43 authored by yufeng yangyufeng yang, guoli zhang

Objective: To analyze the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on residents, and investigate the relationship between home-based physical activity, boredom and mood state. Method: A sample survey of 501 residents completed the Physical Activity Rating Scale-3, the Multidimensional State Boring Scale and Profile of Mood States. Results: ① In this epidemic, residents showed boredom and mood disturbance. In less severe areas, residents’ negative psychological experiences are more severe than those in more severe areas. ② Home-based physical activity was negatively correlated with boredom and mood disturbance, and boredom is positively correlated with mood disturbance. ③ Boredom mediated the relation between home-based physical activity and mood disturbance. Conclusion: The COVID-19 epidemic has caused residents to experience more boredom and mood disturbance; home physical exercise can not only improve emotional state directly, but also improve emotional state through boredom.


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