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Teacher Retention: Why They Stay

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posted on 2018-11-30, 22:51 authored by Michael KurtzMichael Kurtz, Henry St. MauriceHenry St. Maurice

This quantitative study was based on national studies of teacher retention. A survey modified from Wiegand (2003) was completed by 425 practicing teachers from four Wisconsin school districts. Perception data were gathered from 319 participants who reportedly planned to continue teaching at their current schools. The survey was cross-sectional: data were collected in a short time frame. Data analysis was conducted in five stages: 1) Background characteristics of respondents; 2) Analysis of future plans; 3) Analysis of Likert scale items for all teachers that plan to remain; 4) Analysis of Likert scale items by teacher subgroups; 5) Analysis of open-ended items.

Findings showed that their decisions were influenced by gender, age, current school teaching experience, and grade levels. Analyses of responses found significant relationships among intrinsic motivation, school organizational characteristics, and school climate.

This study received Exempt Review from the Edgewood College Human Participants Review Board based on an appropriate risk/benefit ratio and a project design wherein the risks have been minimized.


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