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Special Theory of Everything: Applications to Algorithms, Generating Ideas, and Artificial Intelligence

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posted on 2021-04-08, 21:43 authored by Mykola VoroninMykola Voronin

In this paper, the Special Theory of Everything is introduced. It is based on the new concepts of information field, information points, and information functions. This article also reviews possible applications of this theory to some famous problems such as Cat Paradox by Schrodinger or the problem of human and God origin. Possible findings with the help of this theory and the example of password checking algorithm improvements are described. Insights from this theory in the field of Artificial Intelligence are also briefly presented.


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Very complex for understanding. There is one theory of mine. Called "Special Theory of Everything" It came to me in a dream 20 years ago. The value, possibe impact and greateness of it I realised in 10 years I guess. The concept of autoinjection still amazes, amuses and tricks my understanding of reality. Reality this theory has faced is the same as the reality that faced Joanne Rowling sending to publishers her Harry Potter masterpiece more than a hundred times and being rejected from publication. It is reality of not understanding. It took two years to write this theory into an article. Here it is. It was rejected from publishing in peer reviewed journals more than 50 times. The most frequent reason is "out of scope". Polite way to show you the way out. So while it is being reviewed again I decided to post a preprint. So here it is: Preprinted by respected publisher it was moderated by Julia Slater. Julia's comment: Dear Mykola, Thank you for your interest in Advance, the new preprint server for social science research offered by SAGE Publishing. I am pleased to inform you that your paper has been approved and will be posted to the server immediately. We look forward to future submissions. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Best wishes, Julia. Hope it will be understood one day and will make impact greater than Harry Potter did. This is the theory that Stephen Hawking was looking for and never found it I guess. Sometimes, I have a feeling that he would have understood it if he had read it while he was alive. And sometimes I regret that he have never read it.