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Smartphone Addiction, Narcissism and Aggression A Mediation Analysis Method.docx (62.12 kB)

Smartphone Addiction, Narcissism and Aggression: A Mediation Analysis Method

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posted on 2019-10-31, 15:52 authored by Anjelica Simsek, Cahit Nuri, Cemaliye Direktor, Ahmet ArnavutAhmet Arnavut

At this study, meditation effect of aggression was analyzed using Baron and Kenny’s mediation analysis method. Baron and Kenny (1986) indicates that to analyze the effect of mediator variable 3 criteria have to be actualized:

1. Independent variable have a significant effect on a mediator variable (way a)

2. Mediator variable have a significant effect on a dependent variable (way b)

3. Independent variable have a significant effect on a dependent variable (way c)

PROCESS program were used the meditational effect, it is an extra macro that is downloading to the Daniel and Hayes’s (2016) SPSS program. In this program mediation effect could be evaluated as; total effect, direct effect and indirect effect scores of mediation variable effect on dependent variable (Preacher & Hayes, 2008).


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technology, addiction

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As it is mentioned in the paper. No ethics committee permission or approval necessary for this study.


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