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Should I Stay Or Should I Go- Family Influence on Entrepreneur’s Wellbeing and their Business Exit Experience Pre-Print.pdf (917.39 kB)
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Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Family Influenceon Entrepreneur’s Wellbeingand their Business Exit Experience

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posted on 2022-03-11, 18:02 authored by Aisha AbbasAisha Abbas, Fiona M. Wilson

This paper explores the influence of an entrepreneur’s family on the entrepreneur’s well-being, their business experience and vice versa. Set in a relatively under-research context of business exit, the study has analysed the entrepreneurial journey of 46 cases of business exits using gender as a bio-cultural construct. Empirical findings reveal the underlying causal mechanisms that mediate the work-family interface of an entrepreneur’s life and consequently their business exit decision. Gendering is not confined to social dyn­­­­amics but shapes the coping and post-exit recovery mechanisms as well.


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