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Schools as Safe Spaces for Adolescents: A Mental Health Perspective

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posted on 2021-01-27, 19:08 authored by Ashwathi MuraleedharanAshwathi Muraleedharan, Dr. Lizy P.J., Dr. Rajeev S.P.

Creating safe spaces in schools means building affectual boundaries where our adolescents feel secure to explore; deal with conflicts, stress, and injustice; and transform the classroom into an emotionally restorative space. A sound socio-emotional support structure makes them feel safe enough to learn. Although the Kerala government has curated innovative programs for the psychosocial well-being of adolescents in schools, there is immense work left to be done when it comes to empowering teachers to support students with their problems. A series of in-depth interviews were conducted with 43 teachers and school social workers in understanding their role in administering effective interventions to foster positive mental health. The researchers concluded the study with a theoretically rooted framework that informs potential training modules for teachers.


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