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Rumours and Realities of Marriage Practices in Contemporary Samin Society (Part II).pdf (247.47 kB)
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Rumours of Marriage Practices in Contemporary Samin Society (Part II)

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posted on 2020-12-18, 23:04 authored by Arif RohmanArif Rohman

The article ‘Rumours and Realities of marriage Practices in Contemporary Samin Society’ published on Humaniora (June 2010) confirmed that the myths of the practices of ‘virginity tests’ and ‘stray marriages’ to be discredited. In contrast, the Samin community through their marriage system show a world full of respect for women, a world that is egalitarian. The rumours have made Samin people vulnerable and marginalised. Those who were mostly insulted by the rumours were women. This article explores the history of Samin society and its social political context to reveal the reasons behind the rumours.


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