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Relevance of Erik Erikson's model on psychosocial development: recent trends related to Intimacy, Cheating, and Infidelity

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posted on 2022-05-09, 22:37 authored by Saachie RaiSaachie Rai

The ideal yet rarely discussed item to be addressed when talking about development, growth, and maturity during adolescence is various notions connected to sexual orientation with gender identity, relationship preferences, and role uncertainty as a life crisis. Trust, safety, acceptance, communication, and, comprehending one's wants and expectations from a relationship are some essential components of intimacy. Challenges in Intimacy such as trust issues, imbalanced relationships, misunderstanding, adultery, and so on are common instances of problems that can arise as a result of unresolved trauma and preference differences from one's past. Infidelity has not only increased but has been tolerated as a result of the expansion of Cosmopolitanism. Modern normalizations like Polyamory could encourage mutual understanding and acceptance, assisting in increasing inclusion. To determine if a person is likely to cheat on their partner, one must first comprehend their partner's goals and requirements, as well as their relationship expectations. This paper aims to explore the current trends in relationships and addresses the gap in the theoretical framework of psychosocial development.


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