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Relationship Between Enterprise Knowledge-Based Network and Dual Innovation Performance

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posted on 2019-06-05, 18:34 authored by Chun-ling Li, jiajia haojiajia hao, Run-sen Yuan

In order to explore the impact of the intrinsic relationship among knowledge based elements on exploratory innovation performance and exploitative innovation performance. This paper drawing on the social network analysis method, takes 269 companies of the electronic information industry listed on the main board as samples and uses the 2012-2016 patent data to construct the enterprise knowledge base network structure and measures the density centralization and structure hole of the knowledge base network, and tests the relationship between the above three network eigenvalues and dual innovation performance through negative binomial regression method.

Originality/value: This paper define the exploitative innovation and exploratory innovation in this paper. Through the social network analysis method, using the industrial patent data of China's electronic information industry, constructing the enterprise knowledge base network structure, visualizing it, to analyze the different relationship between the overall characteristics of the network including network density, centralization, structural hole and enterprise exploitative innovation and exploratory innovation.


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