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Professional subjectivity in Kahoot! gamification: A socio-material framing of the lecturer as inspirational performer

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posted on 2022-10-05, 23:33 authored by Natalie-Jane HowardNatalie-Jane Howard


Digital gamification is becoming more prevalent in higher education, yet a research gap regarding the socio-material imbrications arising from this pedagogical practice and its relationship to lecturer professional subjectivities was discovered. This presentation reports on data from a larger qualitative study conducted in a Middle Eastern tertiary institution where the use of Kahoot! is commonplace. Semi-structured interviews with lecturers from varied academic disciplines and observations of live sessions were conducted. The socio-material narrative analysis revealed the lecturers’ subjectivities as inspirational performers, arising both from their social self-presentations and the embedded digital materiality of the Kahoot! platform. The study contributes to the expanding body of socio-material research in higher education and concludes by suggesting that future studies should attend to both the social and materially produced aspects of lecturer subjectivities in gamification.  


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Lancaster University and the research institution granted full ethical approval for the study. The lecturers received a comprehensive information sheet in advance and provided written consent. In addition, learners in the online sessions received an information sheet in Arabic and agreed to participate in the observations.

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