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Pragmatism and Dialectics in a Mixed Methods Study with Visual Netnography, Interviews, Participant-generated Data and Survey

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posted on 2021-06-21, 21:27 authored by Patricia OngPatricia Ong, Claire McLachlanClaire McLachlan, Olivera Kamenarac

A dialectic pragmatist stance provides ways of meaningful engagement with differences encountered in the context of study, in terms of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and other forms of diversity. The issues and challenges in the delivery of a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional curriculum as well possible solutions and enablers were also reviewed. The consolidated findings from the study reveal that teachers often use a hybrid pedagogical approach, blending both local and international practices and values in the delivery of the enacted curriculum. The potential and possibilities of culturally responsive, place-conscious pedagogical practices, rethinking the roles of teacher and learner, as well as the need for collaborative partnerships and relationships within communities of practice so as to enable the delivery of a future-oriented curriculum that address issues of equity, sustainability and social justice is reviewed and affirmed. The pragmatist research paradigm engages everyday realities and allow practical methods to elucidate issues from multiple viewpoints and contexts. A dialectical stance comprising of a constructive- interpretivist worldview facilitated the analysis of findings across the data sets.




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