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Personality and Peak Performance on Commitments Organization of Theological High Schools in West Java Region II Bogor

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posted on 2021-04-21, 22:05 authored by david mingdavid ming, Maria Titik Windarwati

The commitment of lecturers as indicated in their loyalty and performance plays a very important role in achieving organizational goals. The researcher formulates the problem as follows;. What is the personality of the theological school lecturer in West Java? 2. How is the performance of theological school lecturers in West Java? 3. How is the commitment of theological school lecturers in West Java? 4. How much influence does the personality and performance of the lecturers have on the organizational commitment of theological school in West Java? The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of personality, lecturer performance on commitment to the theological school lecturer organization in West Java. 124 lecturers who were sampled were taken from 8 theological schools in region II Bogor. Data collection techniques obtained by conducting interviews. The data were analyzed using quantitative methods, descriptive statistics, linkert scale and path analysis. Then the results show that there is a positive direct effect of personality on organizational commitment by having a positive direct influence on the path coefficient ρ31 = 0.169, Lecturer performance on organizational commitment with a positive direct effect by having a positive direct influence on the coefficient ρ32 = 0.267, Dosendan performance and personality. performance together against organizational commitment ρ32 = 0.436. So the conclusion is that the personality and high performance of the lecturers greatly influence organizational commitment


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