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posted on 2021-11-09, 00:25 authored by SUVARNA HIREMATHSUVARNA HIREMATH, DR.PRASHANTHA C

The Indian retail industry is characterized by the fragmented industry and lead majorly by Unorganized sector. Retailing believed to be a traditional Business sector has started gaining entry into modern retailing sector in India where it requires managerial skill and understanding of the influence of Political, Economic, Socio Cultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental dimensions in the Retail industry to sustain the business. In retailing sector also many retailers and practitioners remain unaware of the influence of the PESTLE factors on the organized retailing business. This study contributes to assess the challenges of the organized retailing sector in developing nations like India by providing the detailed analysis and understanding on current trends in organized retail management and put forth the influence of technology, politics, environment, social and legal aspects in organized retailing sector.


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