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posted on 2019-09-16, 20:57 authored by Faiza ParveenFaiza Parveen, ADEELA REHMAN, Dr. Naimatullah Hashmi, Uzma Arshad Mughal

This paper was made from my master thesis entitled "Perception about self-defense and women self-defense training". The study was conducted in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The main objective of the research was a comparison of the strategies which self-defense trained and untrained girls used to attempt for their self-protection in order to reduce the risk of violence. The study finds out the effectiveness of self-defense training towards women’s self-protection. Non random sampling technique was used to select the sample. The study used statistical techniques of analysis. The study constitute 120 respondents falling in the age range- range 18-30 years.

The findings support the hypothesis that women who take self-defense training are better equipped with physical and mental skills which allows her to defend herself from assailant than a woman who did not have training. Self-defense training, increased confidence, self-efficiency in women and reduce the chances of victimization.


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The authors declare no conflicts of interest.

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  • Pakistan

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  • Higher Education Lecturer

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Muslim Law College, RAWALPINDI

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Written informed consent was obtained from all the participants. The study was approved by the research committee at Fatima Jinnah Women University, The Mall, and Rawalpindi.

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This insightful article has a lot of information that women in the modern era would like to acquire. I for one have read it and have ti to be well informing regarding how a simple act of learning self defense can not only keep you safe from any kind of attacker but also influences the other aspects of life. especially if we look from the perspective of the Pakistani women. Self defense education and training are something that should be taught to each and every woman and girl. As this is a basic right for them in the world where we live today.

This study is of great knowledge related to self defense and helps us in understaning the importance of self-defense for girls. In this era, girls are doing great things and only barrier to their dreams is their safety. In this regard,this study represents that females having self-defense training can combat any situation well. However, governments should introduce self defense training programs in schools and colleges. All the grown up children should know how to survive alone.

This article is a good way to gain information about self defence training and importance of self defence training in improving the life of women in Pakistan. Through self defence training women can learn to increase their self confidence. Self defence training enable women to defend themselves against any kind of assault. Findings of this study tell us that women who have self defence training have more self confidence. In this way they are more able to shape their own life for the betterment of themselves and society.

Firstly I'd like to commend on the title chosen because in times like these, its necessary for the women to have awareness about how they can protect themselves from aforementioned assaults. The details provided insights and were easy to understand. As the research was limited to an age between 18-30 having education from SSC to MPhil, it provides guidance to conduct future study by considering other variables as well i.e. culture, family background, usage of social media etc. However the study covers the facts about how a woman having self defense training differentiates from the one that doesn't. And how they can cope with the situation in better way.

The topic is very interesting and relevant with the current issues faced by women in our society.The research can be extended by experimenting women behaviour before and after getting self defence training .

Women in our society not safe in public sphere due ti which she avoid to go to public sphere Big insecurity for women is how to do her self defence..this research purely applicable to women of our society that how self defence can protect her in publich sphere and in very simple way the research is done so that every lay man can understand and can easily educate about it.

Self defence,pecularly for women. Is of the sheer importance in the genre of the world, we dwell in today. Women, customarily allude to as the punny gender. Importance of light is better understood by experiencing darkness. Instead of become vulnerable and powerless, wise people learn the strategem and defend themselves. This article is benevolent which plays stupendous role. It clearly tells that self-defence for women has become a prerequisite more than ever.

This is such a valuable research that it needs to be shared with the concerned bodies leading to implementation of the results of this research. This can help to revolutionise and set up self defense training programs at college and university level for females of Pakistan.

Keep it Up dud .....its a Value able research which pays attention on the important issue regarding women safety.