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Open Video Repositories for College Instruction

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posted on 2019-07-15, 20:36 authored by Michael MillerMichael Miller, Anna Cohen Miller
Key features of open video repositories are outlined, followed by brief description of specific sites relevant to the social sciences. Although most were created by instructors over the past 10 years to facilitate teaching and learning, significant variation in kind, quality, and number per discipline were discovered. Economics and Psychology have the most extensive sets of repositories, while Political Science has the least development. Among original-content websites, Economics has the strongest collection in terms of production values, given substantial support from wealthy donors to advance political and economic agendas. Sociology stands out in having the most developed website in which found-video is applied to teaching and learning. Numerous multidisciplinary sites of quality have also emerged in recent years.




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Dear Miller and CohenMiller I'm pleased to read your paper. Let me know about relationship your work and MOOCs. Do you present any evidence about your MOOCs in your research? regards

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