Odisha's Growth Forecast for 2020-21

2020-05-20T22:08:24Z (GMT) by Amarendra Das
The lockdown in India is having severe impact on each and every economy and Odisha is no different from
others. Various agencies are providing different growth estimates for the national economies that ranges
from a positive growth of four percent to a contraction of output by around five percent. There are very
few agencies that provide growth forecast for the subnational economies. In this paper, I provide growth
estimates for Odisha, an Indian state in eastern part, for the year 2020-21. Our estimation shows a drastic
contraction of output for Odisha in 2020-21 to the extent of 15.6 to 20.7 percent. The first quarter of
2020-21 will have the maximum contraction. Odisha may see positive growth of output only in the third
quarter and in subsequent period. Except agriculture and allied activities all other sectors will have a
contraction in the output