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Normative Political Science - as Constituted by the Formal Axiology of Robert S. Hartman and David Easton’s Concept of the Political System

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posted on 2018-11-02, 22:47 authored by William J. KelleherWilliam J. Kelleher
Using David Easton's theory of the political system, this paper shows exactly how to measure the goodness of any political system. The theory of the political system has five specific parts -- inputs, conversion (to), outputs, feedback loop, political environment. Using this as the standard, by comparing it to the empirical facts constituting a particular political system, the goodness of that actual political system can be measured with mathematical precision.




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Revised and expanded to book, Normative Political Science - An exciting new way to do research in Poli Sci by William J. Kelleher, PhD

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