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No Expectation of Privacy~ Building Community in Schools

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posted on 2022-03-30, 20:02 authored by Stephanie SadownikStephanie Sadownik

Qualitative data from a two-year study provides insight into the benefits and challenges of guiding principles in the gathering of surveillance amongst peers, colleagues, students, parents, teachers, administration and IT staff. Poorly written policies related to violent behaviour evolved across the United States and Canada, due to intial zero tolerance measures introduced in the 1990s, exacerbating racial and ethnic disparities. Data collected during the study indicated surveillance is attributed to five themes: well-being, assessment, policy, security, punitive, FOIPPA compliance, intent, test taking procedures and age are all considerations for the theme of policy. Punitive includes parent reports about teachers, administrative monitoring, students’ behaviour, investigations, and a reactive mindset without active monitoring. Few connections were made between the use of surveillance in schools and learning or assessment of learning. Similarly, few responses indicated the use of surveillance for measuring wellness in schools.


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