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Networking and Its Effects on SME Export Marketing Orientation in Emerging Markets

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posted on 2021-03-11, 19:21 authored by Mehran Najmaei, Davide Emanuele Saturno, Shaheen MansoriShaheen Mansori, Markus Raueiser, Olivier Fuchs

The shift from a domestic market to a global and international market is not an option but survival for many SMEs. However, this move has brought more complexities and challenges for SMEs which have limited resources. The challenges associated with entry into the new market can be even more complex when firms intend to expand their business to an emerging market as usually in these markets the infrastructure and regulations are not as established as developed markets. Despite a vast amount of research on internationalization, SMEs and Emerging Markets, there is limited literature on the impact of networking on the success of SMEs internationalization. Therefore, this paper aims to provide an in-depth review of current literature about the potential effects of networking as one of the approaches for internationalization in emerging markets. For this paper, studies from 2000 to 2016 were selected and received.

The results show that networking is an integrated part of internationalization for SMEs and born global companies. Based on the evidence provided by the literature, this capability helps SMEs to be more market-oriented to survive a highly competitive environment in an emerging market. Furthermore, it could help a firm to achieve synergy in the supply chain.


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