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Motor, Play and Self-care Skills: An Index of Children's Pre-indications

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posted on 2021-05-10, 19:52 authored by Daryl Niko CempronDaryl Niko Cempron
The major tenet of this inquiry was the performances on motor, play and self-care developmental milestones of the children in a nursery development center, to set forth a clear direction of research undertakings as it continually exists for quite a while. To note there has not been a single research output being done considering that is a sustaining university extension project. Hence, the data collected are baseline in nature, no less yielded important findings for further researches.


Central Mindanao University


Declaration of conflicts of interest

Central Mindanao University, the institution of the author, for the funding of this undertaking in the amount of 14,000.00 (Philippine Peso), under its annual funds for faculty research and extension works.

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  • Philippines

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  • Higher Education Lecturer

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Central Mindanao University

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  • Yes

Ethics statement

Information of this inquiry was given first to the parents to decide whether or not they would like to participate in involving their children along with their stipulated rights and the mechanisms to ensure that children’s welfare is of absolute consideration. Privacy of the identities and confidentiality of the responses was ensured and had been sealed as soon as the inquiry had been completed. Nevertheless, ethical reviews had been done by the Central Mindanao University’s Research Ethics Committee. The ethical considerations were anchored from the principles of autonomy, beneficence, justice, and research merit and integrity including the measures of ensuring safety and protection of privacy and confidentiality such that the data collection had been conducted in a safe space. Before the data collection, more importantly, the study had been ensured to have adhered to the ethical principles and practices of research.


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