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Mergers and Acquisitions and their effects on Firms objectives: African perspective

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posted on 2022-07-13, 19:48 authored by MARY PATRICKMARY PATRICK, YASSIN MakoloYASSIN Makolo, Charles KamauCharles Kamau

Mergers and acquisitions are widely seen as a long-term strategy for resolving financial problems in corporations. This research study that is primarily based on a desk review established that this commercial enterprise approach has given mixed findings, such as failing to establish that the stated factors led to the manner of mergers and acquisitions, nor has it published an increase in profitability of commercial enterprise financial performance due to mergers and acquisitions. However, all mergers and acquisitions are no longer unsuccessful due to some factors like monetary, advertising, and operational problems. Thus, there are other important factors that influence mergers and acquisitions, such as value creation, "cultural" integration, and profitability. According to the study's findings, mergers and acquisitions have a positive impact on financial institutions' net income in the form of increased wealth, decreased effective spending, and increased revenue growth. 


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The three stages in question are pre-combination, combination (involving the integration of companies) and solidification and advancement (which forms the new entity). Pre-combinationrefers to processes that take place before the M&A is completely legal.Click here

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