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Media and Information Literacy in Practice: Views of Selected Senior High School Teachers from the Philippines

posted on 2019-06-11, 22:27 authored by Angelito Bautista Jr.Angelito Bautista Jr.
This qualitative case study studied and explored how seven senior high school teachers in the Philippines taught Media and Information Literacy in the early years of its implementation through interviews, and analysis of the teachers’ lesson plans. To guide the data analysis, the researcher used the seven phases of analytic procedures or data analysis as described by Marshall and Rossman (2011). Results revealed that there was confusion and misunderstanding among school authorities as to the qualities of prospective MIL teachers as shared by the informants; motivation and preparation of MIL teachers were inadequate; and teachers did not have a deep understanding of the meaning, significance, and scope of the subject, MIL. Furthermore, the selected teachers simply used whatever strategies they know; and materials were not readily available for their use.


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  • Philippines

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  • Higher Education Faculty 4-yr College

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Polytechnic University of the Philippines

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  • Yes

Ethics statement

Members of the review committee from the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication approved the conduct of the research involving human participants. Seven teachers were involved during the in-depth interview process. They were duly informed of the nature of the study and its objectives before the conduct of the interview. A formal letter of invitation was provided by the researcher to the participants, who provided consent to be part of the study. Names of the participants were not included as part of the confidentiality clause, and voluntary participation.


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