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Measurement model and adaptation of a self-efficacy scale for mathematics in university students Complete.pdf (422.59 kB)

Measurement model and adaptation of a self-efficacy scale for mathematics in university students

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posted on 2019-05-03, 18:09 authored by Sonia Beatriz Echeverría Castro, Mirsha Alicia Sotelo Castillo, Christian Oswaldo Acosta Quiroz, Laura Fernanda Barrera Hernández
Measurement model of an instrument of sources of Self-efficacy for Mathematics to the Mexican population and to test it, as well as the invariance of the measurement model in men and women.


Declaration of conflicts of interest

The authors declare no conflicts of interest

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  • Mexico

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  • Higher Education Researcher

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Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora

Human Participants

  • Yes

Ethics statement

Informed consent was used considering Mexican Society of Psychology’s ethical code and American Psychological Association’s ethical standards (APA, 2010). This was achieved by requesting permission to participate from each student (adults of legal age in Mexico), from teachers and from the educational institution. In this consent they were informed of the confidentiality of the research data, that their participation was voluntary, the benefits and the limits of confidentiality were explained. They were also given the option to receive an executive report or publication data, for which they had to write down an electronic contact if they wanted to receive it also an electronic contact information was included to follow up on any publication of the researchers. Finally, in order to give back to the participants, the results were presented with professors’ heads of the Mathematics Laboratory (created in June 2018 in the institution of researchers), area of support for university students


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