Marketing Communication Strategies of Off-Plan Homes

2019-08-06T21:51:18Z (GMT) by Tai Anh Kieu Emmanuel Mogaji
Buying a home is considered one of the most expensive purchases an individual can ever make and a lot of effort is required in making the right choice. This study aims to explore marketing communication of off-plan homes – these are homes under construction and being sold in advance of its completion, highlighting an implication for informed choice-making and trust in marketing communication. Content of off-plan advertisements in two countries were thematically analysed. Computer-generated images are often used, showing the development superimposed into the skyline of the city. Developments have their brand identities as an effort to highlight distinct personalities, however there were differences in the use price and location as an appeal. Disclaimers were absent in some advertisements. Taking into consideration the nature of those properties which may not be ready until years, information to convey trust and assurance is important, and information should be true and not misleading.