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Migration and security the challenge for Transatlantic Community J Gryz actual.docx (43.64 kB)

MIgrations in the modern world and their implications for security policy of the Transatlantic community.

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posted on 2018-12-20, 23:04 authored by Jarosław GryzJarosław Gryz
The purpose of submitted Article is to indicate the character of the challenges related to migrations, their selected forms and influence on Transatlantic community states security . Thesis stipulates that the phenomenon of migrations in the first half of the 21st century more and more strongly defines the context of social security of states implying Transatlantic bonds and international actions taken or not undertaken in their formula. One can assume that migrations, in addition to political and military as well as economic issues, will be the one of domains of NATO security management. The above-mentioned factors will lead to a change in the character of the relations within the Transatlantic Community.


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