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Limitations Involved in a Two-Sample Independent t-Test

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posted on 2023-03-21, 09:42 authored by Sampark AcharyaSampark Acharya, Barkha Rani

 While looking at obscures populace means for two groups on a specific variable, at times it is difficult to investigate the data and it brings about the error of information. In this review research, the information was collected from various published articles regarding t-test. As it was a review research, no human participants were involved in collecting the data or to conduct research. Thus, no consent was required for collecting data from anyone. The review revealed that there are a few limitations to utilizing a two-sample independent t-test. In this article, these limitations have been examined. 




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Rajasthan Shiksha Mahavidyalaya

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This review research is based on secondary data. 12 articles were reviewed to undertand the limitations of t-test. No human participants were involved in this review. Thus no informed consent was required to conduct this review. The Ethical committee of ANAAM Centre for Educational Research; reviewed the entire process and approved the research

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